3 Top Tips For Dealing With The Fear Of Visiting The Dentist

Are you, or is somebody you know, scared of going to the dentist?

Research shows that huge percentages of people all around the world are scared of visiting their dentist. In some cases, the fear is that bad that people don’t get the dental treatment, leading to serious issues such as the loss of teeth, they need as they’re too scared to bring themselves to visit the dentist.

Here are give you 3 top tips for dealing with the fear of visiting the dentist…

  1. Tell your dentist what you’re afraid of – first, understand why you’re are scared and tell your dentist. People are usually scared due to a past experience, the fear of pain or embarrassment of their teeth. Understand what causes your fear and open up to your dentist, only then can they help you. Once your dentist knows what you’re afraid of, they can support you and help you feel more relaxed.
  2. Bring a distraction with you – distractions are a great way of keeping yourself/your mind busy and divert attention so that you’re not worrying about the dentist or the procedure. Some dentists have interesting designs on the ceilings or posters or booklets in the room so their patients have something to read or focus on; music also works wonders as a distraction.
  3.  Don’t go alone – have someone attend with you; a partner, close friend or family member perhaps. Someone who doesn’t have the same fear as you so they can put you at ease and support you through the process and provide that much-needed reassurance.

Hopefully, these tips for helping you deal with your fear of the dentist have been helpful. If you have any others, please see free to share them with us. We’d love to hear your experiences.