Common questions about dental implants answered

Have you lost one or more of your teeth? Dental implants may be one of the options you are considering to replace them. Here at Capital Dental in Twickenham, we always recommend replacing missing teeth – not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for dental and general health benefits. If you don’t replace missing teeth your remaining teeth may become crooked as they move into any gaps, making them more difficult to clean. You may also find that your diet is restricted to soft foods, particularly if several or all your teeth are missing.

capital-dental-implantsDental implants are a common way to replace missing teeth. We understand that this is a big decision and that you may have some questions about implants. Here, we have gathered some common patient questions – if you can’t find an answer to yours, please get in touch with our Twickenham practice and we will be happy to help you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws used to replace the root portion of a tooth. They are placed in the jaw bone by your dentist in a minor operation, which is carried out at our Twickenham practice. They can then provide firm support for new teeth in the form of crowns, dentures or bridge.

Is everybody suitable for implant treatment?

More patients than ever before are benefitting from treatment with dental implants. In the past, those who had experienced bone loss (particularly those who have worn traditional dentures for some years) may have been told they do not have enough bone density for implants. However, we can now carry out bone grafts or sinus lifts at our Twickenham clinic to rebuild your bone.

Can I have new teeth straight away?

In some cases it is possible to replace a full arch of teeth with implants and restorations in one appointment. In other cases, a healing period is advised first – your dentist will discuss these options with you.

Dental implants: an introduction

Dental implants are an increasingly popular way for people who have lost teeth to replace them. At Capital Dental in Hampton, our skilled implantology team have helped many patients who have lost one or more of their natural teeth to replace them with the help of implants.

How treatment works

dental implantsA dental implant is a small screw, made from titanium and placed directly in your jaw bone in a small operation carried out here at our Hampton dental practice. In most cases, dental implants are placed under local anaesthetic, although treatment under sedation is also an option for nervous patients.

Titanium is used because it has a high degree of compatibility with the human body. It is osteoconductive, which means that it supports bone growth, so your implants will mesh with your bone, helping to keep it healthy and preventing bone resorbtion – a common side-effect of tooth loss that sees your jaw bone shrink back.

Dental implants replace the root portion of a tooth or teeth. Crowns, bridges or dentures are then attached to abutments on top of the implants, restoring the full functionality and aesthetic appearance of natural teeth. In most cases a healing period of approximately three months is required for your implants to mesh fully with your bone, although in some cases immediate implant placement is possible.

For patients requiring a full arch (jaw) of new teeth, it is sometimes possible to fit your new teeth at the same time as your implants. We use the All-on-4 implant system at our Hampton practice, which means that just four implants are required to support a full arch of teeth. The implants are carefully placed and two of them are specifically angled for maximum bone contact. This enables them to withstand the forces generated by biting and chewing food.