top tips for dental health

 Did you know that dental care can be fast and easy? Here we share 8 top tips for a brighter, whiter smile… ?   1.  Visit Your Dentist Regularly   Book regular checkups and teeth cleanings to prevent and treat any problems you might have/get.   2.  Brush Your Teeth Regularly   Brush at least twice a… Read More

3 Top Tips For Dealing With The Fear Of Visiting The Dentist

Are you, or is somebody you know, scared of going to the dentist? Research shows that huge percentages of people all around the world are scared of visiting their dentist. In some cases, the fear is that bad that people don’t get the dental treatment, leading to serious issues such as the loss of teeth,… Read More

how to brush your teeth the right way - serena dental whitton

First things first, you’re going to need at least two minutes, twice a day! A proper brush takes at least 120 seconds so don’t kid yourself you can brush effectively for anything less, you can’t! A little tip here is, set a timer on your phone. Right, now onto the brushing technique! To brush your… Read More