Dental implants: a way to enjoy a second chance at natural-acting teeth

Dental implants have numerous benefits over traditional tooth replacements, both bridgework and dentures. At Capital Dental in Twickenham our skilled implant dentist has performed numerous procedures to restore not just a patient’s smile, but also the full functionality of a jaw of healthy teeth.

dental-implants-TwickenhamIf you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, read on to discover how dental implants could give you a second chance at a healthy mouth. . .

Twickenham dental implants

Losing teeth, whether through an accident or injury, because of gum disease or tooth decay, or as part of the natural ageing process, is a distressing experience that can leave you ashamed to smile in public. The negative effects on your confidence, and potentially on your social life, are bad enough, but there are also health concerns associated with missing teeth.

Even one lost tooth instantly puts more strain on remaining teeth when you bite and chew. These teeth may also move into any gaps, becoming crooked and harder to keep clean in the process, ultimately raising your chances of losing more teeth. If several of your teeth are missing, you may struggle to bite and chew at all, impacting on your ability to enjoy a healthy diet, and your speech may also be affected. When most or all of your teeth are missing in one jaw, your jaw bone will start to resorb.

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, and one which combats all of these problems. Small titanium screws that are placed directly in your jaw bone under local anaesthetic or sedation here at our Twickenham dental practice, dental implants form a strong bond with your bone and encourage bone growth. They will hold your teeth firmly in place, so that you can eat what you like, smile and laugh with confidence.

In most cases, for multiple tooth replacement, you won’t need as many implants as teeth, as one dental implant can usually support more than one tooth. When you come into our Twickenham practice for an implant consultation, your dentist will advise you of how many dental implants you need.