Dental implants: the best solution to missing teeth

At Capital Dental in Hampton, we can use dental implants to replace one, some, or even all of your natural teeth. Implants are a thoroughly modern option to replace teeth, not just restoring your smile but also giving you back the full functionality of a healthy jaw of teeth.

dental implants hamptonWhy you should replace missing teeth

Ask any dentist and they will stress to you the importance of replacing any lost teeth, sooner rather than later. Adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but lifestyle factors, diet, accidents and injuries, even fear of the dentist can cause us to lose our teeth before their time.

They ought to be replaced for a number of reasons. First and foremost, of course, missing teeth near the front of the mouth can make you self-conscious and reluctant to smile in public, which can lead to people making the wrong assumptions about you. Depending on how many teeth are missing you may also find your diet is affected, leaving you restricted to soft foods or liquids only, which makes it hard to maintain a balanced diet.

When teeth are missing for any length of time the jaw bone starts to resorb. This loss in bone density can cause a sagging and prematurely old appearance to the face, and can make the placement of dental implants more complex, although not impossible.

At Capital Dental in Hampton, we believe that dental implants are often the perfect choice for patients with missing teeth. Implants are permanent, and are also the only way to replace missing tooth roots, which helps to prevent bone resorbtion.

Dental implants give back the functionality of a healthy jaw of teeth, meaning you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence, and without the worry your teeth will fall out.

Dental implants in Hampton

Come into our Hampton practice for an implant consultation and your dentist will thoroughly examine you, including using scans to check your bone density.

The skilled implantology team at Capital Dental Hampton can use bone grafting procedures to rebuild bone density if it is lacking, before placing your dental implants under local anaesthetic or sedation.