Why dental implants are often the best way to replace lost teeth

With dental implants, a dentist can permanently replace your missing teeth. The implantology team at Capital Dental in Twickenham can treat everything from a simple replacement of a single tooth with one implant and one crown to a complex full-mouth restoration, even when extensive work is needed to rebuild your bone density prior to implant placement.

dental-implants-hamptonHow dental implants differ from other tooth replacement options

Dental implants are small titanium posts or screws that are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone. This requires minor oral surgery, which we offer under either local anaesthetic or sedation here at our Twickenham dental practice.

Thanks to the intensive planning and latest 3D computer technology that goes into the diagnosis, treatment planning, and design stages of implant treatment, the actual placement process is actually fairly simple from a patient’s perspective. A lot of people describe it as being more bearable than having a tooth extracted, and the majority of patients at our Twickenham clinic only need local anaesthetic.

Once in position, dental implants mesh with your jaw bone and create a foundation similar to that of natural tooth roots, on to which your dentist will attach your permanent new teeth. These teeth may be crowns, a bridge, or dentures.

Implants are the only way a dentist can replace tooth roots, and are the only permanent tooth replacement option. They are also the only treatment that helps to prevent loss of bone density and gum tissue, because they are made from titanium, which supports bone growth. This means implants eschew many of the common problems suffered by traditional denture wearers, including difficulty eating, speaking, and singing because of loose teeth.

Dental implants in Twickenham

Capital Dental in Twickenham offers several implant treatment options. For patients in need of a full arch (jaw) of new teeth, we can sometimes use a technique called “All-on-4”, in which four implants are precisely placed and your new teeth are attached on the same day.

In other cases it is best to leave the implants for a few months to fully mesh with your jaw bone prior to the attachment of permanent teeth.